Teeth Whitening Vaughan

Many of us feel that our smiles are most striking when our teeth look especially white, but unfortunately, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and tobacco can leave behind ugly stains. To help you restore your gleaming, bright white smile and to give you an added boost of confidence, we offer many options, such as custom whitening kits. Contact us today for more information about these options and to book an appointment for teeth whitening in Vaughan!

Having beautiful white teeth, I want to show them to people more often, and a smile appears on the face more often. Bleaching can be divided into two large groups - professional and non-professional. As for the non-professional, with him, in principle, everything is clear. Various drugs are sold in stores and pharmacies to help whiten your teeth. 

As a rule thumb, these are toothpaste with the effect of whitening. According to the manufacturers, they safely whiten teeth brushing after brushing. The content of the whitening substance in the openly sold preparations is quite small, as a result of which the effect does not usually occur immediately and of short duration. This type of bleaching is used by adolescents who will not be able to do bleaching in a self-respecting clinic or who simply have no time to visit the dentist.

teeth whitening vaughan

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teeth whitening vaughan

Dental Hygiene Services

If you’re flossing every day and making sure you brush your teeth at least two times a day, you’re doing a great job of maintaining the health of your smile. But it’s still important to regularly visit Dr. Maryna Kharkavets so that we can help you maintain your overall oral health and work to prevent any potential problems.

Regular oral examinations and routine cleanings are just a few of the general care services offered at our practice. To help keep your teeth and gums healthy, we’re also happy to recommend and provide preventative hygiene services like fluoride treatments, treatments aimed at remedying gum disease, and even professional breath control treatments.  Contact us to set up your appointment.