Syringe-less or Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA)

At Vibrant Square Dental no syringes have to be involved to administer anesthesia prior to our patients’ treatment.
We will insert a tip between your tooth and a gum line, dripping in anesthetic only to the tooth that is being treated. It takes just 2 minutes for the tooth to be safely numb - we can start and finish your treatment much sooner.
This type of anesthesia doesn’t freeze your cheek, lip or tongue – so after the treatment is completed you will walk out of the office without extra numbness – no “souvenir” from your dental visit anymore!
We are especially happy to provide syringe-less single tooth anesthesia (STA) to our littlest patients, since we want kids to form a healthy habit of visiting their dentist regularly for checkups – no traumatizing injections or strange numbness to remember. 
See syringe-less single tooth anesthesia (STA) in action:
In patient’s words:
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