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On behalf of the Vibrant Square Dental team we'd like to welcome you to our new practice in Vaughan.

We have built this new practice with our patients’ health and comfort in mind. In the office you will find we are using the latest, cutting edge technology, like single thooth (syringe-less) anesthesia, we operate in surgically clean air to help prevent any bio or viral disease transmission, we use intra-oral cameras, so that our patients can see what we see while deciding on a treatment plan.

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Our philosophy is to attend to the patient’s well being first and foremost – with all the latest technology and expertise our office and staff has to offer we will use only what is to the benefit of each and every patient. 

Vibrant Square Dental is serving Vaughan and the surrounding area. 

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We are glad to share a special offer for our young patients that participate in contact sports. 

Sports guards (also called mouth guards) or athletic mouth protectors are crucial pieces of equipment for any child participating in potentially injurious sports.  Hockey, basketball and baseball tend to be the most injury prone. Fitting snugly over the upper teeth, mouth guards protect the entire oral region from injury, preserving both the esthetic appearance and the health of the smile.
How does mouth guard protect my child?
The majority of sporting organizations now require that participants routinely wear mouth guards.  Though mouth guards are primarily designed to protect the teeth, they can also vastly reduce the degree of force transmitted from a trauma impact point (jaw) to the central nervous system (base of the brain).  In this way, mouth guards help minimize the risk of traumatic brain injury, which is especially important for younger children.

Mouth guards also reduce the prevalence of the following injuries:

  • Cheek lesions  

  • Concussions  

  • Gum and soft tissue injuries  

  • Jawbone fractures  

  • Lip lesions  

  • Neck injuries  

  • Tongue lesions  

  • Tooth fractures   

Custom mouth guards are orthdontically correct and offer the highest level of protection of your child’s smile.
At Vibrant Square Dental we have a special offer on custom sports guards for teams, where a team of 10 or more receives the sports guards for $50 each.  Call us today at 905-553-3004, and we will guide you through the process of ordering your child’s team sports guards. 

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We are pleased to announce Invisalign invisible braces are now available at Vibrant Square Dental.

You are never fully dressed without a confident smile. Invisible braces (by Invisalign) make smile correction possible for our adult and teen patients with little disruption of their life. You will continue to eat foods you like, brushing teeth normally and smiling openly while the invisible braces do the work of perfecting your smile. 

Even more important to know that the benefit of a beautiful smile goes far beyond aesthetics: having properly alligned teeth reduces risk for tooth decay and gum disease. 


How do invisible braces work? 
After the initial consultation, 3D imaging and measuring, the doctor will create a treatment plan that will start your smile transformation journey. Clear plastic trays will be shaping your smile and will need to be worn about 22 hours per day – with breaks for meals and brushing.
How long do I have to wear my invisible braces?  

The process takes about 1 year for adults and about the same time as traditional braces for teens.

What are advantages of invisible braces?

  • You can eat the foods you love with no restrictions.        

  • You can remove trays whenever you need/want – no important meetings/events need to be compromised.

  • Invisible braces are … invisible!     

  • Brush and floss your teeth normally for better periodontal health.      

  • Trays are made of smooth, comfortable plastic instead of sharp metal that is more likely to irritate your cheeks and gums.       

  • You will need to see the doctor only every four to six weeks – less time taken out of your busy schedule.

For more answers to your questions about invisible braces you may also want to visit or watch this video

How much does Invisalign cost?
Average total cost of Invisalign is $5,500. Individual cost varies depending on the complexity of the case and your insurance coverage. A personal consultation with Dr. Kharkavets will determine level of treatment and out of pocket cost of Invislaign for you. Monthly payment plans are available.  

Book a consultation with Dr. Kharkovets’ team to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment for your smile correction. 

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