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On behalf of the Vibrant Square Dental team we'd like to welcome you to our new practice in Vaughan.

We have built this new practice with our patients’ health and comfort in mind. In the office you will find we are using the latest, cutting edge technology, like single thooth (syringe-less) anesthesia, we operate in surgically clean air to help prevent any bio or viral disease transmission, we use intra-oral cameras, so that our patients can see what we see while deciding on a treatment plan.

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Our philosophy is to attend to the patient’s well being first and foremost – with all the latest technology and expertise our office and staff has to offer we will use only what is to the benefit of each and every patient. 

Vibrant Square Dental is serving Vaughan and the surrounding area. 

Archive for April 2017

Teaching a toddler to brush correctly for 2 minutes in the morning and at night is a challenging task, since this is also the time of testing all the limits and exploring independence. Here are a few tips that might help you with the process:

  1. Lead by example – brush teeth together with your toddler.

  2.  Ask for your turn to lead their hand with a toothbrush in their mouth.

  3. Make sure your toddler can see what you or he/she is doing in the mirror. If your mirror is too high – place a small one on the sink level.

  4. Make teeth brushing a game: you are chasing octopuses out of the mouth and releasing them to freedom to the ocean (Nemo-style).

  5. Sing a special brushing song – it will help stretch the brushing sessions out, eventually reaching 2 minutes per brushing, recommended.

  6. Introduce an electric brush, since it can brush thoroughly quicker, and many times has a built-in timer. If the toddler is accepting of the toothbrush, tell him/her – until the brush says “stop”.  

At Vibrant Square Dental we follow the recommendation of Canadian Dental Association and advise brinning your infant for their first checkup by 12 months of age or within 6 month of their 1st tooth erruption. 

Start your child's dental health routine on time, and it will become an effortless habit. Call us for an appointment at 905-553-3004 or book it online.  

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