Specialist Restorative dentistry

Dr. Maryna Kharkavets provides comprehensive mercury-free and amalgam-free dentistry. Restorative dentistry seeks to repair or replace your natural teeth in order to return your mouth to fully functional and aesthetic harmony. The restorative work can range from simple fillings and crowns to more complex root canal therapy and tooth replacement implants. Learn more about it here. No matter what stage of restorative care your teeth require, we can offer solutions. Dental amalgam is an alloy obtained by combining mercury with a silver alloy and is a plastic mass that hardens when placed in a treated tooth cavity. See our team in action here.

Benefits of Amalgam dentistry:

  • The simplicity of work, low cost.
  • Resistance to oral hygiene conditions.
  • Maintaining a tight marginal fit during the entire life of the seal (due to the expansion of the filling material during solidification)
  • Dental fillings provide the longest possible service life (decades)
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Restorative dentistry Procedures

Natural/“Tooth-Colored” Composite Restorations. If the thought of unsightly metal fillings leaves you less than thrilled, you’ll be happy to know that dental science has made many advances since metal fillings were invented!  Today, if you need a cavity filled, Dr. Maryna Kharkavets can use a strong composite resin that looks much more natural and is much less noticeable than a metal filling.  And best of all, composite fillings only take a single appointment to apply—which means you save time while improving the health of your teeth and the appearance of your smile!